For my non-textual piece, I decided to try my hand in art, in a recreation of a piece that all Humesters should know. The piece is modeled after Wassily Kandinsky’s “Circles in a Circle” or better known by much of Humes as “The Humes Website header picture”. To put my own spin on things I did not use circles, but instead used hearts. The hearts were chosen to reflect my theme “critical love” as hearts are the well known symbol of love. So I title my piece “Hearts in a Heart”.

I apologize if it’s not the best, art is definitely not my strong suit. Additionally I did not include the lines out of fear of messing up. However, this is how it turned out and I’m pretty proud!

Painting of Hearts Inside a Heart

Painting modeled after Wassily Kandinsky’s “Circles in a Circle” which can be seen here: